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Let’s Try a Different Approach to “Goals”

Kids back in school. Check.

Routine back to "normal". Check?

Maybe, like me, you had big plans for this week that didn't. quite. materialize.

Maybe we're going about this "goals" thing all wrong.

Here are my thoughts on a new year, goals, resolutions, and all those things that may be stressing you out right now

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My Top 3 for 2018

Are you completely over the “oh-my-gosh-it’s-January-1-and-I-gotta-make-all-the-plans-and-set-all-my-goals” freak out phase yet?

Well, are you? Good. Me too.

Yes, I’ve done some planning, and, yes, that can be a really good thing, but I’m not always the best at it. (One week I’ll meal plan and the next week we eat pb&j. Just sayin’.) It’s definitely something I’ve been aiming to be more intentional with lately, but the first 2 weeks of January can feel like so much striving sometimes.

Over 2017 I read a short stack of books, all of which I liked. But there were 3 special books that have made a huge impact on me. Since the question of the month on Facebook seems to be “what books do you recommend?”, here are my top 3.

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