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Branding for indieGlo

I don’t want to make you jealous, but I really have the best job ever. Actually I have the best clients which make this the best job. Ever.

I have women who share their dreams, goals, and mission with me and then trust me to translate them into authentic, attractive, meaningful brands. They are honest, brave, talented, and do so much good in the world that it’s my crazy pleasure to work with each and every one of them.

But I haven’t been very good about sharing that work with the rest of you. I’m a pretty private person, so to show off finished projects feels a little like, well, showing off. But it’s not about me. It’s about them. So if you’ve wondered what the “behind the scenes” looks like in the branding process, or if it all just sounds like artsy fartsy mumbo jumbo, then hop on in and take a look. This one’s a beauty, both the branding and the owner!

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Branding for Friendly Pantry

It’s no secret that connecting with and designing effective visual brands for other entrepreneur moms really lights me up, and working with Corinna was no exception! She is the founder of Friendly Pantry, a business that is passionate about “making kitchen pantries friendly after food allergy diagnosis.” She provides education, support, and a thriving Facebook community for parents of children who have food allergies. Here's a look at our full process.

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Branding for WowFactor Mosaics

Branding other creatives is always such a fun process, and this was no exception. WowFactor Mosaics is the new business venture of Carol Donald, an artist and creative entrepreneur. She creates custom mosaic tile installations; each is unique and absolutely exquisite. When you see her work, your first response will be "Wow!" Come take a look at how we developed her brand to continue that client experience.

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