The Complete Brand Package:

Step 01 > Brand STRATEGY

Anyone can get a pretty logo. But a pretty logo doesn’t make a brand. Not a brand that flies anyway. The Brand STRATEGY prepares you to fly as we deep dive into your current brand – how your clients think and feel about your business – and what you WISH it could be instead. No one else does WHAT you do quite the WAY you do it, and showcasing that is the foundation to creating a brand that you AND your clients love.

We'll explore your bold vision, your dreamiest clients, your competition, and your current state of affairs. I'll get into your head (in a totally non-creepy way, of course) as we discuss the heart and soul of your business so that we can infuse all your strengths and passion into your new brand and create affinity with your customer. Make no mistake, affinity is a powerful pull that all successful brands embody. If you want your business to attract more, book more, and grow more, designing a one-of-kind brand STRATEGY that reflects your uniqueness is your sure path to success.

Your Brand Strategy Guide includes:

Brand Brief

Clearly articulates the who, what, and why of your brand

Keyword Summary

Captures the words that convey the emotion of your brand

Color Psychology

Color palette that expertly expresses your brand’s mood, tone and feel


Translates the language and look of your brand into a visual mood board