Frequently Asked Questions

+ My business is brand spankin’ new. Can I still hire you?

Quite possibly, yes! If you can clearly articulate WHY you do WHAT you do, WHO your ideal client is, and are finally ready to level up, then I’d love to chat about working together. Some business owners have this clarity right from day one; some still don’t know after 5 years in business. So it’s more about your own awareness than how long you’ve been in business.

If you’re close to answering these questions but not quite there yet, it’s very likely that working through the Brand Strategy process will solidify this for you. I’ve done this for many other women, and I’d love to help you find this clarity too!

+ How many clients do you work with at once?

I work with no more than 2 Brand Identity clients per month. I find that this momentum yields the best results as we both give your business our full attention. It also gets the final results into your hands quicker so you can Let Her Fly. If you’re ready for a month of intense brand focus, [book a free consultation today][0] so I can reserve your spot while space is still available.

+ Can I book a Brand STRATEGY package only?

Absolutely! If you’re hesitant to invest in complete branding, then Brand Strategy is the perfect place to start. Plus, if you upgrade to the Brand Identity Package withing 3 months of completing your Strategy, I’ll apply your FULL Strategy payment towards the Identity Package. You’ve got nothing to lose!

+ Can I book the Brand IDENTITY Package only, without the Strategy?

Definitely not (with one small exception)! It’s impossible to deliver a brand that you and your clients love without a solid strategy in place. My only exception is if you’ve already invested in brand strategy with another coach or designer, then we may be able to move forward with what you already have. I’m happy to discuss it with you further.

+ How long does branding take?

Approximately 2 weeks for Brand Strategy and 5 weeks for Brand Identity (which includes Strategy), depending on feedback and turnaround time. Download a sample project timeline in the Process Guide above.

+ I see that you only provide one initial logo concept. Why is that?

I'm so glad you asked! In short, developing multiple designs is a waste of our time and energy. I used to design that way, but here’s what really happens. I’d create one beautiful design – the one that’s really “on the mark” – and then a couple other good ones so the client felt like they had more options. But my clients are smart cookies, and they always chose the first, best design anyway – thankfully!

The Lift-off Brand Strategy lays such a strong foundation that you’ll not only be floored that the first concept is the right concept, but you’ll also feel relieved to escape all the hemming and hawing and painful decision making. After all, that’s why you hired a professional, right? I promise that you’ll be nothing less than delighted because I’m not satisfied until you are. Rest assured that I’ve created literally dozens of logos behind the scenes in order to narrow it down to the one most effective solution. That’s my job and my joy.


+ What software do you use?

All files are created in Adobe CC Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop) on Mac platform, with the exception of the social media files which are created in Canva.

+ What file types will I receive?

Brand elements (logos, watermarks, patterns) are provided as pdf and vector-based eps for print, and raster-based jpg and png for web.

Documents (Brand Strategy Guide and Style Guide) are provided as a high-resolution pdf.

Marketing pieces are provided in the digital format appropriate for its intended use. Items to be printed are supplied as print-ready, high-rez pdfs for you to send to your printer of choice. Files for web use are supplied as jpg and png.

Social media pieces are provided within your Canva account.

All final files (except Canva) are uploaded to Dropbox.

+ What if I need additional marketing materials?

I love designing “a la carte” pieces for current or previous clients. Each project will be quoted on a per-project basis so you get exactly what you need.

+ Do you provide files in their native (editable) file format?

Files that are supplied as eps are in an editable format already, but all other files are not supplied that way. Most clients don’t have the proper software or knowledge to use native files. If requested, they can be provided for an additional cost.

You do, of course! After final payment is received, full copyright is transferred to you with unlimited reproduction rights. I retain the right to publish your designs as examples of my work for marketing, promotion, or recognition. I’ll never resell or edit and repurpose yours for another client. When I showcase your brand, I always try to link back to your website so that you get exposure and traffic from my marketing too.

+ Do you have a payment plan?

Yes – for the Brand Identity Package! Heart-soaring Brand IDENTITY Package requires 50% deposit prior to project start date and the remaining 50% balance is due one week prior to job completion and delivery of any final files. Files and copyright will transfer ownership once payment is received in full. This Packagae includes the cost and features of the Lift-off Brand Strategy Package.

Lift-Off Brand STRATEGY Package requires payment in full prior to project start date.

+ What is your refund policy?

All payments (including deposits) are non-refundable and non-transferable. This is because I only book a very limited number of clients, so when I reserve time in my schedule for you, I’ve potentially turned down other paying clients as a result.