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and take your business higher than you ever dreamed possible


It’s Time to Let Your Business Fly

Remember running your heart out to get your first kite to take flight and then experiencing sheer delight and pride when it finally broke gravity’s hold and lifted high into the sky?

Just like with that kite, you’ve been running your heart out building your amazing business, waiting expectantly for it to lift off.

Well hold on, Lady! It’s about to soar with a brand you absolutely love because it feels just like you AND attracts more of your perfect clients.

No running needed. Just sit back and Let Her Fly.


join these happy-dancing clients

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Here’s what clients are saying about getting



I’m thrilled with the final result!
I knew that I wanted a designer who would work collaboratively and create a brand that communicated the values and passion that fuels my coaching practice. I felt like I was your most important client and you were dedicated to designing my brand “just right” and on schedule. Thank you SO MUCH for your caring guidance every step of the way. I’m happy dancing!

Suzy Sidharta, Indieglo


I took the leap
...and hired a professional designer because I was overwhelmed with doing it myself, and I wanted a brand that I would be proud to call my own. Michelle put me at ease and was eager to help in any way possible. After working with her, I’m confident to show off my company because all of my stuff looks great and has a consistency that I love!

Corinna Meckelborg, Friendly Pantry


I freakin’ love these!
Thank you for taking the time to understand the feel of my business and who I am. It’s helped me move my branding and design to another level so it’s more professional and feels more like me. You’ve helped me understand what branding really is and how easy and helpful it can be. Did I say I LOVE these? If not, I LOVE THESE! Where have you been all my life???

Michelle Ayn Tessensohn, Self-Mastery Coaching


Hey there! I’m Michelle, Brand Designer & Strategist for smart, successful women who want to step out of the shadows, do big things, and take their business to the next level.

I deliver heart-soaring, happy-dancing (or puppy-wiggling, if you’re that type) delight in a one-of-a-kind brand identity. Because when your business has a brand you love, you’re suddenly able to soar, leaving all the comparison and insecurity 20,000 feet below.


Ready to get a BRAND you LOVE?

Step 1, Let's Chat

Step 1

Let’s Chat

Hop on a complimentary call. Let’s have a 20-minute video chat to discuss your business dreams, concerns, and timeline. If we’re a perfect fit, I’ll give you the next steps to getting a brand you love.

Step 2, The Nitty-gritty Details

step 2

Nitty-gritty Details

It’s the details that make working with me a breeze. We’ll take care of contract and payment lickety split and move on to giving you a delightful, seamless experience. You’ll know exactly what to expect and when, saving the surprises for when you first see your beautiful brand.

Step 3, Let's Fly!

Step 3

Let’s Fly

Preparation is the key to success in any endeavor, so our Brand Prep process begins with in-depth discovery worksheets and a video consultation to get our project off the ground. After that, you can just sit back, relax, and Let Her Fly.