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And take your business higher than you ever dreamed possible

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Is your current brand a source of frustration, insecurity, or confusion?

Does it make you jealous of other businesses?  

Has it failed to keep pace with your business as it’s evolved, no longer reflecting what you do, the business owner you’ve become, or the client you serve best?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then your brand is dogging you like a shadow, grounding your confidence, and holding your business back.

But with a one-of-a-kind brand identity you love that truly reflects you AND the passion and energy you’ve poured into your business, it’s possible to take it higher than you ever imagined.

Consider what your business would do if it broke gravity’s hold. Where would it go? How high would it fly?

I bet it would reach the stars. 

But first, you have to let go of your current brand and embrace a new one…


Let Go and Step Out of the Shadows

With a one-of-a-kind, cohesive brand identity

So what does a smart, capable woman like you do when your brand doesn’t feel true to you, inhibits your confidence, and holds you and your business back? You hustle harder, waste your precious time stalking your competitors’ websites, and endlessly tweak your logo and colors trying to get a look to match the brands you envy most. 

But the sad thing is, imitating other brands never works for YOU.

  • You end up with a cookie-cutter logo that blends in rather than getting noticed in the crowded marketplace.
  • You constantly second guess yourself, wondering if your brand is good enough and truly represents you.
  • And worst of all, your dream client doesn’t know what an amazing business you built just for her and all the mad skills you have that can solve her most pressing problems.

And what happens if you just keep making do, afraid to let go of a brand that isn’t working for you anymore? You’ll keep hiding in the shadows and playing small instead of stepping up, doing big things, and taking your business to the next level.

Ready to get a brand you love?


How I Broke Gravity’s Hold on My Own Business

Believe it or not, I know exactly how you feel — and I have a sure-fire solution. 

You see, when I first started my business I had a tiny vision for it — I wanted to do work I love and make a little money for my family. So, as a designer, I created a beautiful logo and a brand identity that represented my vision for my business at that time.

But after 2 years, my business morphed and changed into something more than I ever thought possible. I outgrew my brand. Not only did it no longer reflect me or what my business had become through the late nights and hard work of the previous years, it didn’t connect with the women I most wanted to work with.  

At first, I agonized and wrestled. Inwardly cringing at the idea of rebranding my business (I know how much work that is!), I attempted to cobble together a solution with a name that no longer fit and a brand identity I no longer loved, trying to make it work anyway. 

Everything changed when I realized it actually wasn’t the look of my brand that was holding me back, but HOW I FELT ABOUT IT. My dreams for my business had grown, but because I didn’t feel confident that my brand image matched my new direction, I still played small.

Tired of holding back, I gave myself permission to let go of my old brand and launched Let Her Fly. And finally, my brand now matches my vision for the business I’ve created.

Now I’m confident and proud:

  • to tell people who I am;

  • to hand them my business card;

  • to send them to my website.

It has changed everything, And it can do the same for you!


Getting a Brand You Love Will Work For You, Too

With a brand I love, I stopped second-guessing myself and gained the confidence to get out there and connect with the clients I love working with. I haven’t looked back since.

And neither have my clients. In fact, they’re happy-dancing and puppy-wiggling over their new brands. But don’t take my word for it… Here’s what they say about getting a brand they love:


Michelle was an easy choice.
She really listens to her clients, which was reflected in the design she presented to us. She’s talented and easy to work with, with a natural flair for what “works” for her clients. We love our final logo! It’s such an accurate representation of our group and what we were hoping to communicate. If you’re on the fence about hiring her, do it already!

– Becky Holuk, Big Lake Artists' Studio

Gah, Lady!!!
I think you’ve nailed it! These colors, images, and words are spot-on, even tapping into ideas I had trouble expressing. I’m doing a happy puppy butt wiggle dance over how you transformed the hopes, dreams, love, and mission that I’m pouring into my business into a visual representation. I’m THRILLED with what you’ve done, exactly as is!

Suzy Sidharta, Indieglo

(after the first round of Brand Strategy!)


A Wise Investment
Having Michelle’s expertise has enhanced our credibility and enabled us to develop relationships and brand awareness so that we could begin achieving results. She quickly perceived what we were looking for, and we're extremely pleased with the finished product. Hiring her was a wise investment that has helped us develop valuable inroads and increase our exposure.

– Gary Brooks, CanMedSend


Ready for a heart-soaring, happy-dancing brand?


The Complete Brand Package:


Prepare to fly as we deep dive into your current brand – how your clients think and feel about your business – and what you WISH it could be instead. No one else does WHAT you do quite the WAY you do it, and zeroing in on that is the foundation for creating a brand that you and your clients love.

Make no mistake, if you want your business to attract more, book more, and grow more, designing a one-of-kind Brand STRATEGY that reflects your uniqueness is where we begin.


After we lay a solid STRATEGY foundation, get ready to fly with a new, custom Brand DESIGN. You’ll be truly ready to take your business higher than you thought possible with everything you need in your toolbox to create a one-of-a-kind brand presence.

This package includes all the elements you’d expect plus MORE — custom logos, colors, fonts, patterns, photo style, social media banners and templates, marketing pieces, tutorial videos, style guide, and follow-up consultations.

Timeline: 6 WEEKS

Love details as much as I do? Want to know exactly how I work and what to expect?
Download the Let Her Fly Process Guide below for an in-depth look inside and all the answers to your FAQs. (No email required.)

Additional Design Services:

Post It NOW!

Timeline: 2 WEEKS

You know you need to blog and post on social media more consistently, but the thought of making graphics for all those platforms is overwhelming.

Trade your time-sucking Google searches and cookie-cutter results for custom social media templates designed by a pro. PLUS get my simple software training so you can confidently create fresh, new graphics in under a minute! Guaranteed.


Already have a brand you LOVE but need additional marketing materials? Awesome!

I’ve designed countless “a la carte” pieces for growing businesses with unique needs — book jackets, interactive pdf worksheets, online course materials, membership site resources, ads, opt-ins, web and social media banners, and trade show displays, just to name a few. Billing can be done per-project or on a monthly retainer. Check out a couple examples here and here. Then book your consult and let’s chat!


Are you ready to Let Her Fly?

Your hard work has brought you this far, and you’re poised for success. It’s time to give yourself the credit you’re due for bootstrapping an incredible business and Let Her Fly with a brand you love. 

When you’re ready to Let Her Fly:

Are you ready to Let Her Fly? Contact me at
  • You’ll partner with a professional brand strategist who listens to your big dreams and translates who you are and what your business offers into a true-to-you brand identity.

  • You’ll finally have a brand that intuitively connects – you with the people you serve and them with a brand they love (YOURS!).

  • You’ll get to work with more clients you love – and politely, but confidently, say “no, thanks” to the ones who aren’t a good fit.

  • You’ll finally believe the success you’ve dreamed of is possible, giving you the ability to get out there and make it happen with confidence and ease.

Anything less will never fly for a gal like you (pun totally intended)!


It’s Fight or Flight Time.

You have a choice to make: Keep fighting with your old brand knowing that it’s holding you back – OR – break gravity’s hold and get a brand you love that truly reflects you AND the energy, dreams, and passion you’ve poured into your business. 

If you’re ready to step out of the shadows, do big things, and take your business to the next level, here’s how…

Step 1, Let's Chat

Step 1

Let’s Chat

Hop on a complimentary call. Let’s have a 20-minute video chat to discuss your business dreams, concerns, and timeline. If we’re a perfect fit, I’ll give you the next steps to getting a brand you love.

Step 2, The Nitty-gritty Details

step 2

Nitty-gritty Details

It’s the details that make working with me a breeze. We’ll take care of contract and deposit lickety split and move on to giving you a delightful, seamless experience. You’ll know exactly what to expect and when, saving the surprises for when you first see your beautiful brand.

Step 3, Let's Fly!

Step 3

Let’s Fly

Preparation is the key to success in any endeavor, so our Brand Prep process begins with in-depth discovery worksheets and a video consultation to get our project off the ground. After that, you can just sit back, relax, and Let Her Fly.

Ready to get the gravity-busting confidence that only comes from a brand you love?

5 Signs that We’re a Perfect Fit:

1 | You’ve been in business for at least a couple of years and can clearly articulate WHY you do WHAT you do.

2 | You know WHO your ideal client is and have a pulse on their specific dreams and frustrations.

3 | You know that #1 and #2 aren’t accurately reflected in your current brand identity, and it’s time to level up.

4 | You’re ready to collaborate with a expert to create a strategic brand in an environment of mutual respect and trust.

5 | You’re willing to commit to a 6-week time frame to get your brand completed on schedule.

Vier junge Frauen schwören sich ein

Frequently Asked Questions

+ My business is brand spankin’ new. Can I still hire you?

Quite possibly, yes! If you can clearly articulate WHY you do WHAT you do, WHO your ideal client is, then I’d love to chat about working together. Some business owners have this clarity right from day one; some still don’t know after 5 years in business. So it’s more about your own awareness than how long you’ve been operational.

If you’re close to answering these questions but not quite there yet, it’s very likely that working through the Brand Strategy process will solidify this for you. I’ve done this for many other women, and I’d love to help you find this clarity too!

+ Do you offer web design, copywriting, & other creative services?

I'm happy to say a hearty "YES!" AND I believe everyone works best in their own zone of genius. So I've established relationships with other trusted professionals who can provide additional creative services for you. If you need experts in areas like copywriting, SEO strategy, web design, or brand photography, I bring them into our process so that everything runs smoothly.

+ Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! The Complete Brand Package requires 50% deposit at time of contract signing and the remaining 50% balance is due 4 weeks after project begins and prior to delivery of any final files. Files and copyright will transfer ownership once payment is received in full.

+ How many clients do you work with at once?

I work with no more than 2 Brand Identity clients per month. I find that this momentum yields the best results as we both give your business our full attention. It also gets the final results into your hands quicker so you can Let Her Fly. If you’re ready for 6 weeks of intense brand focus, book a free consultation today so I can reserve your spot while space is still available.

+ What file types will I receive?

Brand elements (logos, watermarks, patterns) are provided as pdf and vector-based eps for print, and raster-based jpg and png for web.

Documents (Brand Strategy Guide and Style Guide) are provided as a high-resolution pdf.

Marketing pieces are provided in the digital format appropriate for its intended use. Items to be printed are supplied as print-ready, high-rez pdfs for you to send to your printer of choice. Files for web use are supplied as jpg and png.

Social media pieces are provided within your Canva account.

All final files (except Canva) are uploaded to Dropbox.

+ What if I need additional marketing materials?

I regularly design “a la carte” pieces for current or previous clients. Each project will be quoted on a per-project basis so you get exactly what you need.

Answers to these questions and much more can be found inside the Let Her Fly Process Guide. Download your copy here. (No email required.)