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CanMedSend Foundation provides student loan debt assistance for recent Canadian healthcare graduates who desire to serve in the medical mission field. Their unique audience is three-fold — the doctors and dentists who serve overseas, the sending partners who employ them, and the donors who support this non-profit foundation and make it all possible.

So even though their audience is broad, the branding needed to be clearly medical and Canadian. At the time, they were also a newly formed organization, so it needed to be evident who they are and what they do. It would have been ineffective to mess around with too much ambiguity and nuance. Blue is associated with reliability, integrity, and healing. Red is the colour of choice for all Canadians, but it also speaks of passion and strength.

We agreed on a simple, effective logo and then designed corporate identity, web graphics, and promotional brochures for their three audiences. Now that they've been operating for a few years (pun intended!), they are looking at updating their info in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Having Michelle's expertise has enhanced our credibility and enabled us to develop relationships and brand awareness so that we could begin achieving results. She quickly perceived what we were looking for, and we were extremely pleased with the finished product. Hiring her was a wise investment that has helped us develop valuable inroads and increase our exposure.

—Gary Brooks, Treasurer

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