Branding for Friendly Pantry

It’s no secret that connecting with and designing effective brands for other entrepreneur moms is what really lights me up, and working with Corinna was no exception! She is the founder of Friendly Pantry, and her business is all about “making kitchen pantries friendly after food allergy diagnosis” by providing education, support, and a thriving Facebook community to reduce the frustration, confusion, and anxiety that can overwhelm parents of children who have food allergies.

As we explored her brand through an in-depth questionnaire and face-to-face discussion (because — bonus — we live in the same city!), we discovered that the three keywords that describe her brand best are trusted, friendly, and relatable. There can be a lot of negative emotions surrounding allergy diagnosis, and Corinna’s goal is to approach this from a positive perspective, empowering her clients and community. The colors turquoise (for security, healing, and balance) and orange (for cheerfulness, energy, and confidence) perfectly align with with her hope-filled, optimistic business.

With her Brand Summary and Springboard approved, I dug into designing her logo. After considering several options, this is the logo that most accurately represented her brand. The symbolism in the tail of the “f” hints at a spoon (for serving or eating) without being too literal, and suggests food, nurturing, and community. Because her audience is primarily moms, we kept a slightly feminine feel, without being overly sweet.

Her final Brand Board pulls together all her branding elements in one handy location. My goal is always to make using new branding as easy as possible for my clients, so having everything in one place is a must. I also designed a new Facebook banner for her community group, postcards for doctors’ and dietitians’ offices, and business cards. Having all these pieces in place, Corinna was able to build her own website using Squarespace.

You can read more about the complete design process for Friendly Pantry on the blog here.

Even though the cost made me hesitant to hire a designer, I took the leap because I was overwhelmed with doing it myself, and I wanted a brand that I would be proud to call my own. After working with Michelle, I am confident to show off my company because all of my "stuff" looks great and has a consistency that I love!

—Corinna Meckelborg, Friendly Pantry

final brand board for Friendly Pantry
custom collateral materials for Friendly Pantry

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