Branding for WowFactor Mosaics

Branding other creatives is always such a fun process, and this was no exception. Carol Donald is an artist who creates one-of-a-kind, exquisite mosaics through her business, WowFactor Mosaics. Before she launched her business, everyone's first response to her artwork was "Wow!" She quickly realized that she already had the name for her new venture! It was my pleasure to develop branding that would continue that client experience.

The three keywords that describe her brand best are original, organic, and inspired. She is drawn to earthy, natural colors which are right in line with not only her ideal clients but also the natural, often recycled, elements she uses to create her designs.

With her Brand Springboard (moodboard) approved, I dug into designing her logo. I always give my clients a few choices in the first round. Carol preferred the logo that was the most modern and literal of the four, a great choice considering that she also works with interior designers and other professionals, so it was best to go with a style that is earthy yet clean, two aesthetics that can be tricky to combine.

Her final Brand Board pulls together all her branding elements in one handy location. My goal is to make using new branding as easy as possible for my clients, so having everything in one place is important. She did a great job using her brand consistently in other pieces like her website and the handy tote bags that were given away at her open house!

You can read more about the complete design process for WowFactor Mosaics here.

Michelle took the time to learn about my business, what direction I wanted to go in, and my personal style. She blended the elements together and came up with simple but very effective logos for me. Now I have the tools I need to do whatever marketing I choose!

—Carol Donald, WowFactor Mosaics

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