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Behind the Scenes with an Elephant (+ Bridging Brands)

Take a peek behind the scenes of a perfect example of what I call “bridging brands.” Whether you’re launching a course or your first book or any project that may be a tangent of your core brand, there's often a brand gap to bridge between the new entity you’ve created and the rest of your business. You want it to look like it fits but still have a bit of its own personality. With a bit of strategy and intention, it can be a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness while still flexing a bit of your creative muscles and taking things in a slightly different direction. Take a look at how this works for Gillian Goerzen of Super You.

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Behind the Scenes (+ how to create content they’ll read)

A year ago, I came across a free download from a woman I’d been following on Instagram for a while. 

It showed a photo of the beautifully designed cover – complete with a dreamy photo and nice typography – and promised a wealth of info that sounded useful to me. Without giving it too much thought, I gave her one of my most valued possessions (my email address!) and, in a matter of moments, the pdf download was sitting in my inbox. 

But here’s the kicker. 

Opening that pdf was a complete disappointment.

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